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Petroleum Engineering has become a technical profession involving the extraction of oil in difficult situations. Much of the world's "low hanging fruit" in oil fields has already been found and depleted. To keep up, improvements in computer modeling, materials and statistical applications, probability analysis and new technologies have become the standard. Horizontal drilling and enhanced oil recovery techniques have drastically improved the Petroleum Engineer's toolbox, yet they demand Engineers knowledgeable in these applications.

Deep-water, arctic and desert conditions are common in petroleum extraction. High Temperature and High Pressure (HTHP) environments are commonplace in today's operations and require the Petroleum Engineer to be knowedgeable in topics as wide-ranging as thermo-hydraulics, geomechanics and intelligent systems.

A Licensed Professional Engineer (Petroleum) is in high-demand in nearly every country and every company involved in exploration. Becoming licensed assures most Engineers of a long-lasting highly paid career.

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