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Frequently Asked Questions


Please check our questions and answers below before your course starts.  Most questions are answered, but if you have any other concerns, please use our "CONTACT" page to send  your inquiry.  

 01  What do I need to bring with me for class?

Participants should bring 3-hole problem-solving paper, a highlighter, a hand-held calculator (a good idea to use the one approved for your exam...CLICK HERE to view NCEES policy) and several other essential references.  Your "essential references" list is sent to you upon enrollment.




 02  Is there a general program outline?

Although the outline and covered topics changes each year, and possibly during the year in response to changes made by the NCEES, click HERE to access our latest list.




 03  What days/hours are typical for class schedules?

Classes are generally held from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday-Friday.  However, most classes end early on Friday.  There will be time for lunch and breaks.  No classes will be held on national holidays such as Labor Day.




 04  What if I register, pay, then find I cannot attend?

Send us an email to apply for next year's registration.  We may also be able to offer a refund if necessary.  Full refund available if canceled two weeks + prior to course date.  Refunds will be honored beginning July 1.




 05   I haven't been in the oil industry very long.  Can I still learn enough to pass?

YES!!  Classes are small enough that you will receive individualized instruction.  You should have a good chance of passing IF you continue your studies outside the classroom.



 06   Do I really need your course to pass?



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